Big Mike's BBQ

Cooked Slow
Served Fast

We're passionate about serving others.

Big Mike's BBQ was born in our hearts and minds years ago as a "what if..." We're excited to finally make the dream a reality. Those who know us personally weren't a bit surprised when we announced our decision to start our own restaurant. Given our druthers, you'll find us in the kitchen. I'm the cook and my wife Kelly is the baker. We love to experiment with flavor combinations and different styles of cooking, especially on our friends and family. 

All of our recipes were developed through a process of trial and error that has spanned the last 20 years. Our meats are all mesquite smoked low and slow to get them tender and juicy, and the flavors are enhanced further with our homemade rubs and sauces, which are predominantly gluten free. We didn't just stop at putting meat and sauce on a bun, though. We have also developed our own BBQ variations of classic deli sandwiches, such as the Bar-B-Reuben, which features shredded beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and our peppery Texas Twang BBQ sauce, panini pressed on thick cut rye bread. By providing both classic BBQ options as well as some more eclectic variations, I think our menu will appeal to cowboys and hipsters alike.


One of the reasons we love preparing food is how much joy it can bring to others. We want to spread that joy, not only through our food, but by giving back to the community. At the center of our business model is our pledge to donate 5% of our profits to local organizations that serve the hungry and hurting.

We started by converting a short bus into a food truck in August of 2015. We had a lot of support from our friends and family, may of whom became BBQ Buddies in our Kickstarter campaign. We had a lot of fun on the BBQ Bus (pictured above), but our long term goal was to open our own brick and mortar restaurant, which we did in February 2017.  The BBQ bus is available for catering events including weddings, school fundraisers and other community events.  

We're glad to serving you and the community.

All my best,

Big Mike McIntosh